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Neve 3.4 “Bran” – Customize All the Things!

In our continuing quest to make your life easier, we are here with a new update – Neve 3.4 “Bran”! This release improved the user experience and gave you more flexibility in creating your website by adding new customization controls.

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WordPress 6.0: What’s New and What to Expect

When WordPress 5.9 was released, it introduced the innovative Full Site Editing feature. Now, WordPress will launch the second phase of the Gutenberg project: WordPress 6.0. To prepare for this new update, it’s essential to know what it will include.

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Neve 3.3 “Corvin” – Find Out What’s New in the Latest Version

Named after the Corvin Castle, the Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania, Neve 3.3 “Corvin” represents our 130th release in 198 weeks since the theme’s birth. With an average of 1.52 releases per week, Neve has more than 300,000 users counting on it. Thank you for being one of them! That being said, we proudly present Neve 3.3 “Corvin”!

8 Best WordPress Forums for Support, Learning, and Website Ideas

Although WordPress is a user-friendly platform, it comes with a broad range of settings and features that new users might find overwhelming. Therefore, you might be looking for the best WordPress forums to help you navigate beginner and advanced WordPress topics alike.