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How to Fix This Error: The Uploaded File Exceeds the upload_max_filesize Directive in PHP.ini

Did you just try to upload a file to your WordPress site only to be met by an error message saying “the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in PHP.ini”? The error occurs when you are trying to upload a large file which can be an image, plugin, theme, or video. If the file size of the upload exceeds the maximum upload size configuration on your hosting server, you’ll see this error message.

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How to Host Multiple Websites on One Server

If you once Googled how to host multiple websites on one server but felt overwhelmed by the content you saw, you are not alone. Let’s be honest. Most people find the information on the subject complex. It’s filled with head-spinning mumbo-jumbo and elaborate steps. Surely, only a coding whizz can understand what’s being said, let alone pull it off.

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What Is Shared Hosting? Is It Good? (Beginner’s Guide)

What is shared hosting? In simple terms, it's a hosting arrangement where a number of websites share server space. Because you're sharing space with other accounts, hosts are able to offer lower prices, which is why shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting, especially for beginners.

WordPress Video Hosting: How to Properly Add Videos to Your Site

Embedding videos in your posts and pages can create more interactive content that engages your readers. However, there are many different WordPress video hosting methods. Therefore, you might be wondering how best to show off your clips without slowing down your website.

Bluehost Pricing Explained: Here’s Which Option to Pick

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts on the web. It consistently scores among the top hosting providers in our comparisons and user surveys. If you're considering signing up with Bluehost, though, you need to know which of their plans is a better fit for your needs.

Nginx vs Apache: Which Is the Best Web Server?

While there are lots of different types of server software, you'll often whittle the contenders down to Nginx vs Apache. This is because both offer top performance for many different server configurations, and suit certain applications better than the other.

Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: What’s the Difference?

Confused by the difference between web hosting vs WordPress hosting? Generally speaking, you don’t need WordPress-specific hosting to launch a successful site with WordPress. In fact, many companies market their regular shared plans towards WordPress users. Still, these packages often come with useful features that will help your website perform better in the long run.